Great smiles are not exclusive to those in the spotlight. We all deserve to feel confident in the way we look. As the smile is one of the very first things that people notice about you, it makes sense that you might want to feel good about the way your teeth look. If you have longed for the kind of smile that makes a great first impression, but hesitated to don metal braces, Invisalign offers you exactly what you have been waiting for.

This innovative cosmetic orthodontic treatment makes it easy to straighten teeth. Comfortable and completely discreet, Invisalign consists of a series of custom-designed aligners made of strong, clear plastic. These aligners create a far more comfortable fit than is possible with sharp-edged metal brackets and wires, and make the completion of oral hygiene tasks more convenient.

We design the Invisalign treatment plan after a thorough evaluation of the bite and position of the teeth. Using 3-D computer imaging, Dr. Noor is able to create a virtual road map that leads straight to a beautiful smile. Using these 3-D images, the dental laboratory fabricates a series of aligner trays that will gently guide teeth into their proper spot in the mouth. During this treatment each aligner tray is worn for a few weeks; treatment is typically completed within nine to eighteen months.

In addition to being a nearly invisible form of treatment, Invisalign is also better suited for the maintenance of oral health. Metal brackets adhered to the teeth and attached to a wire make brushing and flossing challenging activities. With Invisalign, aligner trays are simply removed during brushing and flossing, making it possible to reach every area where bacteria can hide.

The removable trays also allow the Invisalign patient to continue enjoying all the foods he or she loves. Care must be taken to place trays in a safe place during meals, however, so that they are not lost or damaged in any way. It is recommended that teeth, as well as aligner trays, be gently brushed following each meal. This way, bacteria cannot remain on teeth and gums, where they can cause damage.

Reaching your best smile is made easier with Invisalign. Contact us today to see what this cosmetic procedure can do for your smile.