Teeth Whitening

When we meet others for the first time, it is the smile that is first noticed. The teeth are an integral part of the smile, which is vital to your overall sense of confidence, and to the impression you make on others. The teeth, however, are impacted by a variety of substances we come into contact with regularly. Smoking and certain foods, for instance, are common stain-causing agents. Certain medications can also lead to a gray-toned discoloration over time. Rather than accept the dulling and discoloration of teeth, do something about it. At All Dental, we provide professional teeth whitening services for a safe and effective smile enhancement process.

Whitening the teeth that show in the smile is simple. In fact, the process might seem too simple with the myriad of commercial products readily available. To get the kind of lightening you crave, it is best to sidestep commercial products and head straight to our office for a higher standard of care. Commercial products, in order to be safe, must contain only a fraction of the power found in the whitening agents dentists carry. As such, teeth whiten as surface stains are lifted, but dull very quickly because stains are never fully removed.

Using higher concentrations of whitening agent, we are able to treat those stains that have settled into deeper layers of teeth. The trays provided are customized and strong, which means that you can use them over and over for maintenance treatments as needed. Wearing the trays for only about an hour a day, teeth are visibly whiter within a few days, and dramatically enhanced within two weeks.

Teeth whitening seems like a straightforward cosmetic enhancement, but if not approached in the right manner, the results can be unsatisfactory. There are certain circumstances that affect the way teeth whiten, the fit of the tray, for instance. By providing a custom-designed tray, we allow the whitening gel to spread in a more uniform way, and thus reach every tooth. We also take into account any existing restoration on the surface being whitened, as dental materials used in crowns and tooth-colored fillings will not whiten.

Working with your dentist, you can brighten your smile safely and effectively. Contact us to begin your whitening process.