Snap-On Smile

The field of cosmetic dentistry is constantly evolving, introducing us to innovative new ways to achieve our most attractive smiles. One of the latest cosmetic treatments to come about is Snap-On Smile, which could be compared to dental veneers, only bigger. Dental veneers are thin sheets of material like porcelain that are individually made and adhered to teeth. Snap-On Smile also covers cosmetic imperfections that impact the smile, but do so as an entire piece.

There are several advantages to taking advantage of the Snap-On Smile process. One is that the treatment is non-invasive; no teeth have to be altered for the smile to be transformed. There is no drilling away of natural tooth structure, and therefore no need for shots of local anesthetic. The system is also very effective, covering issues like chips, stains, uneven teeth, or gaps.

Those who may benefit from Snap-On Smile include patients who:

  • Would like a brighter smile, free of unsightly stains
  • Have teeth that are chipped, broken, or turned
  • Would like to cover a gap between teeth
  • Cannot tolerate a dental bridge or implants
  • Are interested in a partial denture alternative
  • Would like a preview of what permanent cosmetic enhancement would look like
  • Would like to enhance their smile without changing the natural tooth structure

True to its name, the Snap-On Smile appliance is a custom-made device fabricated of high-tech dental resin. This material is very thin, .5mm, yet extremely strong and durable. The removable appliance has a bit of flexibility that allows it to form to the structure of the natural arch and teeth without cracking or breaking. Due to its fit and materials, the appliance snaps right into place without the need for adhesive. Wearing the Snap-On Smile appliance is easy and comfortable, as the device will remain in place, even allowing you to eat soft foods comfortably and confidently.

The fully customizable Snap-On Smile is a great way to look your best for a special event like a wedding or job interview, or can be used as an everyday appliance that allows you to feel great about your smile wherever you go. Because the design, shape, and colors used to make the Snap-On Smile appliance are made to suit your facial features and aesthetic goals, your enhanced smile will look completely natural.

Snap-On Smile comes with a 12-month limited warranty that protects against manufacturer defects. The appliance can last up to five years with proper care.

To experience your best smile without the commitment of permanent cosmetic modification, contact us for your Snap-On Smile consultation.