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Vania D.

Had an Amazing experience!! Sandi the front staff person was so kind got me right in was having really bad tooth pain and she helped me. The dental staff were great as well had to end up getting my tooth pulled and they made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Noor was awsome as well very kind kept reassuring me I was doing great and everything was going to be ok. I am a chicken when it comes to the dentist and everyone made me feel great from the second I walked in the door! I would recommend them to friends and family!!!

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Sedation Dentistry

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Dr. Noor and his wonderful staff made an uncomfortable procedure relatively painless. I was back at work the next day. His knowledge and professionalism is superb and I have no hesitation to return here if I need gum surgery again.
~ Peter. E

Those dentists who are in touch with today's patients understand that dental anxiety is real and present in every office around the world. While not every person feels fearful of receiving dental care, studies show that twenty five percent of the population might avoid regular visits to the dentist due to anxiousness. Rather than neglect the health of the teeth and gums, we have come up with a better solution, sedation dentistry.

There are various forms of sedation used today, where once only IV sedation was used in dentistry. Because this method tends to be more inconvenient, it was reserved only for cases that are more complex. Still used for oral surgeries and certain other procedures, IV sedation has somewhat taken a backseat to other, more accessible forms of sedation.

By including sedation in our practice, we open the door for more patients to receive the care they need in a comfortable setting. At All Dental, we offer oral and IV sedation for conscious sedation.  The use of oral and IV medications allows treatment for patients who have:
  • High dental anxiety and fear
  • A severe gag reflex
  • Time constraints—those who need to get more dentistry done in fewer visits
  • Chronic or acute jaw soreness
  • Physical limitations such as back and neck problems
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A reluctance to previously complete treatment plans
  • Extensive treatment needs
  • A desire to have dentistry done comfortably while they are fully relaxed and will remember little or nothing about their time in the dental chair by the next day.
We also  provide treatment under nitrous oxide when requested. In so doing, we are able to create a calm atmosphere where the patient has peace of mind, and we can focus our attention on providing the utmost in dental care.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas or happy gas, is a sedative that is inhaled. This form of sedation is delivered through a comfortable mask worn over the nose during treatment. Nitrous oxide is ideal in a great many circumstances due to its ease of use and near-immediate response. We are able to deliver just the right amount of gas throughout treatment to maintain a calm state of conscious sedation, and minimize the effect as a procedure is ending. While under the effects of nitrous oxide, patients have a diminished sense of pain, and tend to feel a happy, euphoric sensation.

Different from oral sedatives, which are popular today, nitrous oxide does not have a set duration. The sedative effect can be immediately altered as needed, reaching the brain in less than thirty seconds. Following treatment, there is no residual sedated feeling, which allows the patient to drive home.

Dr. Noor is a member of DOCs education and is certified by DOCs deep sedation. If you have avoided receiving the care you need due to anxiety, discuss the use of sedation with us before your next appointment.

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